Welcome to Organikat, where we’re obsessively compulsive about being green so you don’t have to be. We want only the best stuff for our kitties, which means you’ll get nothing but the best for your own cats. We are home to the world’s most planet-friendly organic catnip along with other organic and über-green products for your pet. We burn the midnight oil (figuratively) to minimize our impact on the environment, while providing the highest-quality of sustainable products to our customers and their cherished pets.

Organikat is not just driven by the bottom line. We’re driven by People, Planet and Profits, often referred to as the Triple Bottom Line. When you purchase from Organikat, know that you didn’t just get something that’s good for your cat, but something that is good for the planet too. And, at a minimum, 5% of Organikat’s after-tax profits are donated to animal charities and non-profits.

If you have any questions about Organikat, please don’t hesitate to go to our contact page.