Why Organic

December 24th, 2013

So, the big question many of you out there may be asking is “Why organic?” Is organic a conspiracy created by sage liberal greenies who want to scare us? Or perhaps the big, bad corporations want a new way to market their products and possibly charge more for them? Actually, there is a very good reason for things to be organic and I’ll tell you why.

Back in the 1800’s, agriculture was completely au naturale. No synthetic fertilizers. No petroleum-based pesticides. Just a farmer, the dirt and his crops. Enter the 1900’s and the beginning of industrial agriculture. With this came a shift to man-made nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides. Industrial agriculture promised larger crop yields, fewer crops lost and larger earnings (I don’t really think early farmers talked about “profits” by the well every morning with the other farmers).

Modern farming gave us such wonderful things as DDT, DEET, and other laboratory creations not necessarily good for humans in the long run. In fact, many bad chemicals are used in products today that have been shown to cause harm, but with which the government has been slow to respond to (Governments aren’t generally known as being fleet of foot). PBDE’s and other flame retardants used in mattresses are one example.

Some early farmers, who recognized that all these new concoctions created in labs may not necessarily be a good thing, kept alive more ecological practices. Fast forward to today. There’s growing evidence to support these early farmers’ conclusions about the risks of synthetic pesticides and herbicides. And greater consumer awareness of these facts has made organic not only respectable, but the alternative unacceptable.

That’s why Organikat was founded. To deliver organic and natural products for cats that don’t contain harsh chemicals. For example, our premium organic catnip is herbicide- and pesticide-free. So go organic, and start helping your pets lead a better, more healthful life.